Ridgway, Colorado 



What We're up to - THe Bullet points

  • 6 acre homestead up on a mesa just minutes outside Ridgway, CO and Montrose, CO
  • Margaret and David are in the process of building a home there
  • Our home will be modular - meaning it will be built in sections in a factory, then transported to the home site and assembled there. 
  • A large climate-battery greenhouse will allow us to  grow fresh, local produce and flowers year round.
  • Small orchard to provide area-appropriate fruits, such as berries, apples, plums, peaches
  • Chickens for eggs and meat. Possibly enough to sell or trade with neighbors
  • We'll practice no-till, low-water agriculture making extensive use of compost, wood chips, manure, and the like
  • Woodworking shop will produce original design furniture