And so, another year comes to a close for all of us. It's been a whale of one, that's for sure. Through endless hard efforts from countless people. the Colorado Front Range has gotten almost back to normal after the historic floods of 2013. Almost. An afternoon spent at a Habitat for Humanity build in Lyons a couple weeks ago with my workmates showed just how far many of the residents of Lyons still have to go. But still, in aggregate, the progress has been terrific to watch. 

Yeah, 2014 has been a ride. Skye getting her license and starting to drive herself everywhere has about doubled the number of gray hairs on my head ; 0 . Our immediate family has been touched with some tragedy as someone close to us has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given mere months to live. At the same time, Margaret and I celebrated 10 years of marriage together this past summer., which kind of blew my mind that so much time has gone by. And this year marked the 17th of my very long career at Seagate. So many signs of getting old!

So many signs that for whatever we may be contemplating in our lives, there's never been a better time than right now to make them happen, to let them in. 

Yes, we live in a world that seems more like a maelstrom of conflict than a home some times, with its countless global crises, divisions, wars, on and on. It can kind of feel hopeless sometimes.

And yet, how extraordinarily lucky are we. How blessed. Think of how much we have at our disposal, how many different things we can do or places we can go with our lives. Think of how many people we can touch. Think of how much diversity of experience we can have. Think of all the things that our bodies do really WELL Think of all the people in our lives who love us. 

2015 will bring many changes to all of us, I'm sure. For me, it'll bring me one year closer to a dream of living in Ridgway, in the form of (finally) a house on our land, a process I look forward to sharing with you in this blog. 2015 may also bring some great losses for our family. But that's not for me to know right now. All I know is that there has never been a better time than right now, folks. Forget New Years resolutions. This isn't about shoulds. You got something out there you want? 2015 is the year you reach out and grab it. 

Wishing you a 2015 full of adventure! 

You will never run out of excuses. You will only run out of time.