Nothin' But Dirt

This, dear reader, is fantastic news. 

As we get closer to the building of an actual house on this land, one of the questions that comes to the front of your mind is:

What's under that grass?

What if there's bedrock just a few inches below? This is a distinct possibility out here in high desert country. A short walk to the back of our land, where it backs up to McKenzie Creek Canyon   reveals sandstone ledges and rock outcroppings forming a canyon rim. So definitely, there's bedrock under that grass, and pretty close. 

Enter Clint, our contractor. He's a front range guy himself - after getting his Hydrology degree at Colorado State University up in Fort Collins, he also sought the peace, quiet, beauty and community of western slope living. Now, he's our contractor. 

I think he was as relieved as we were to hear his news. Digging down several feet in the spot where we want our house, he gets nothing but dirt. The septic field looks similarly clean of obstructions. 

They say most home building issues come from problems putting the foundation in. We're one important step closer to being happy home owners!