Now I know how Dorothy felt

Margaret put it this way:

"I never thought I'd hear myself saying this. I'm building a house in Ridgway but right now half the house is in Nebraska or Kansas somewhere. The other half is coming down the highway next week. Hopefully out of the way of severe weather."

Yeah, when you have great big chunks of house barreling  down the interstate somewhere in NE Colorado or Nebraska, the words you don't like to hear are "Tornado Watch":


Landing on a witch would not be much of a consolation prize if the house boxes get scooped up.

Tennis ball size hail is not really that great a proposition either:

Fortunately, the next couple days outlook is a bit better than this! we'll keep our fingers crossed, as we finish the last few details of signing our life away on the construction loan, which should close tomorrow.

Next week, the great box party!