Looks Like We Made It

Yes, it's true, after all this time and effort, I sum it all up with lyrics to a Barry Manilow song. Let that be a lesson to y'all out there who take your lives too seriously!

But the momentous day finally arrived June 1, 2016. Actually it was 1AM, so technically June 2nd. That's when I rolled up to the house with my dog and my truck and my wood shop in tow, withOUT the intention of returning to Broomfield. Here for good, and finally! Dead tired after moving and driving all day, I get out and stare up at the picture perfect Milky Way hanging in the whisper quiet sky over the house. 

But things are official now. And what better way to make things official than with a bottle of bubbly? 

Speaking of official, our official address is 2119 County Road 1A, Montrose CO. 


So yes, it's June. And a generous June it is - flower-wise. Check out the meadows of Lupine down towards the creek behind the house:

In classic Emerson/Olivero style, we pretty much had every box unpacked and totally moved in less than 48 hours after the moving truck arrived. Next project: Garden and chickens!