A very very very fine house

With 8 chicks in the yard, life used to be so hard, .... yeah yeah you get it.

I thought I would post some pics of the house!

Guess we should start with the entry way. We like a separation of the entry from the living area, so we made sure to have a foyer type area. The far door on the left is a powder room, and the immediate left door is a nice big coat closet. My tapered foyer table fits snugly to the right of the door, glad there was a spot for it:

IMG_0930 (1).JPG

From there, into the main living area. This is taken from the top of the stairs that start from this living room. The shades are closed on those big east facing windows to keep the morning sun from heating up the house (remember, we don't have air conditioning!) The room is anchored by a truly massive glass-front wood stove, the biggest I could find. It makes our 42" TV look almost small next to it! 

As it turned out, the "great" room isn't as great as I'd hoped - meaning, I thought it was big enough for two couches, but as we began to fill it, we quickly realized it was a one-couch room. The good news, its coziness is something we've grown quite fond of. It's a great space for hanging out, not too big. Here's a shot from the great room, looking back toward the kitchen, showing off the big beams that dominate the large air space above the room:

The kitchen, like the living room, is a small space that somehow manages to be just enough to be comfortable, convenient and not cramped. The house lacks a pantry, so the big floor cabinet on the right serves that purpose. The white door on the left is the access to the basement level. (The house has an unfinished full basement, 1200 sq. feet, with 9 foot ceilings!) at the bottom right you can see the "heirloom" cherry sideboard I made years ago. It's got a nice spot in the dining room, where this photo is taken from. 

There are two bedrooms on the main level, including a guest room with queen bed:

A full bath on the main level serves both bedrooms:

Climbing the stairs in the great room, you come to the 2nd floor loft, which is Margaret's office. It has a commanding view of the great room, and views of the Cimarron range out the huge picture windows:

The loft also has room for "Roderick", our sleeper couch. A nice spot for reading a good book or looking out the north windows towards McKenzie Butte. 

Right behind the loft is the utility closet with washer and dryer, and across the hallway from that, my "office". Which at this point houses another guest bed, and lots and lots of books:

The office is definitely still work in progress, but for now it houses the musical instruments, and the pictures snagged from Casa Daytona: Houserville park and the old Penn State main. 

At the back of the 2nd floor is the Master. Windows on the west and south keep it cheery, and at 14X13 it's big enough to feel like a master and have plenty of room for a couple dressers and bookcases, but still pretty cozy. A cathedral ceiling allows for a ceiling fan and a feeling of spaciousness.


And off the Master is the master bath, with a water closet, large tile shower and small but servicable vanity area: